Breakfast on the Bridge


6000 Sydneysiders walked onto a grass covered Sydney Harbour Bridge yesterday morning for the first ever Breakfast on the Bridge.

Real grass turf was rolled out from pylon to pylon to cover the length of the bridge and provide a soft spot to picnic.

The grass, the people, the cows and lack of cars made for a surreal sight.


5 thoughts

  1. Absolutely incredible. What were the cows doing there?! Love the 7th photo down, with the family walking down the middle of the bridge gazing in wonder at the whole thing.

  2. The cows were there because Hurlstone Agricultural High School brought them there. It was to show the milk doesn’t come out of a carton it comes out of a cow. The NSW government is trying to sell Hurlstone as part of their “minibudget”. See for more info.

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