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David and Margaret At The Movies

Watching Margaget Pomeranz and David Stratton's nostalgic look back at their 25 years together on screen reminded me to post these pictures i did of them for a feature in Time Out Sydney.

The picture that ran with the story was them on the ABC terrace but i also did another shot inside.

It's a cliched idea, shooting them as if they're watching a movie, but it was great fun talking them through it.

I told them i wanted them to act as if they were watching a film, that Margaret was and enjoying but David was finding frightfully dull. For motivation David wanted to know what film they were watching, i told them it was a Lars Von Trier film and that helped David get into character.

I didn't know whether they'd go for the popcorn prop, but when i brought it out David was aghast, saying eating popcorn is some sort of abomination to movie watching. In typical fashion Margaret tut tutted him telling him to not be so stupid and that she'd happily eat the popcorn. Their personalities onscreen certainly matched them offscreen.

Daniel Boud1 Comment