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Hardy and Hayes homage to Hinch

With the debut of Marieke Hardy's new TV series Laid this week i was reminded to post this picture we did together last year.

It's an homage to a photo by Rennie Ellis of Derryn Hinch and Playboy playmate Allyson Best.

Of course there's a bit of role reversal going on in our picture, with our man played by actor Anthony Hayes who is hirsutely Hinchian, albeit more ginger.

Some people asked how the picture came about, or what it was for. It was for nothing other than our own amusement. Marieke found the picture and fell in love with it and facebooked me to say she wanted to do a version of it. The following night we shot the picture in her hotel room. After some artful arranging of papers it was all done in about 15 minutes.

The next day she twitpic'd it to share with the world.

Some have also wondered what Hinch thought of it. It appears to bring back sad memories for him.

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