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MOFO 2014

First things first, let me explain what MOFO means; it's the Museum of Old and New Art's Festival of Music and Art. AKA MONA FOMA AKA MOFO. MONA FOMA Tasmania

Curated by Brian Ritchie (ex Violet Femmes), it's a genre stretching mix of music, art, food and booze primarily situated on the waterfront of Hobart, Tasmania.

I've been hearing people rave about MONA since it opened in 2011, and heard similarly positive reports from MOFO and it's winter festival DARK MOFO.  The hype felt hard to live up to, but consider me a convert to the church of MONA.

Most of the MOFO acts on the bill were new to me, but like most of the best festivals, the joy is in discovering new bands to love (or hate), it's the location, the people you're with, the surprises, the weather, the food, etc...

What follows is a number of my pictures of MOFO and MONA, i'll save some other Tassie photos for a follow up post.

Outside the main venue on Macquarie Wharf

The ADA Project by Conrad Shawcross featured singers (soprano Teresa Duddy in this case) performing to a moving robot.

The Lepidopters, featuring Indonesian band Punkasila

Young and old rocking out

Floridian rapper Astronautilus

Faux Mo

Most wild tales that emanate from MOFO are from Faux Mo, the club night/after party that starts at 10pm and runs till the early hours.

This spaceship, apparently a 1/3 size replica of the real thing, greets guests arriving at Faux Mo

Gooch Palms played a typically nude set at Faux Mo

One of the rooms at Faux Mo was a packed little dance party you enter via slippery dip

Colourful characters like Matt Format roam about

Limbo party on the dance floor


A visit wouldn't be complete without a trip to MONA. We went 3 times.

The journey to MONA is best done via boat on the MONA ROMA

MONA covers many levels, tunnels and nooks and is literally carved into the sandstone cliff.

Cybele watches bit.fall by Julius Popp

Oysters and a Moo Brew.

Feeding the birds back at MOFO

The Bombay Royale The crowd learns some Bollywood moves from Bombay Royale

Kathleen Hanna performs with The Julie Ruin

The Julie Ruin inspired dancing

Dancing to The Julie Ruin

Ambient metal artist STRIBORG in a rare performance at the Chapel at MONA

John Grant fills the MAC2 performance space

John Grant

RGB, a laser and sound performance by Robin Fox

Client Liaison and their water cooler music

The Orb

And that's it for my MOFO experience. Thanks so much to Bec and MOFO who hosted Cybele and I.

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