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Photographing Food and Drink

It's been a while between food photo updates, so here's a bit of a backlog of photos i've shot for Time Out Sydney recently.

This stuff makes up a large part of what i shoot for Time Out. I'd never photographed food or interiors before i started at the magazine, but it's been almost three years now, so i've become more accustomed to it.

Tokonoma, a bar in Surry Hills, has a nifty gimmick when it comes to the ice in some of their drinks. They keep a large block of ice behind the bar, and if you order one of their specialty shochu drinks, they'll hack off a ball of ice to chill the drink.

It's not all fine diners that i photograph. There's the odd casual suburban gem - like Chairman Mao in Kensington. It specialises in Hunanese cuisine with the dining room decked out in kitsch Mao paraphernalia.

Bloodwood seems to have taken Newtown by storm. Ever since they opened the doors there's been loads of buzz about the place.

I appreciate when places have cute little details, like a stepasaurus at Four Ate Five, or dumpling directions at Miss Chu.

Shady Pines Saloon in Surry Hills has proven so popular that on the several occasions i've tried to go back since i photographed it, i've been met with an enormous queue of people waiting to get in.


Sydney seems to be enjoying a bar renaissance of late. There's intimate, character filled new bars popping up all the time. It's a welcome revolt from the scourge of large generic sports/suit bars that characterised Sydney's drinking scene.