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Splendour Studio - Day 2

By day two of the FasterLouder Splendour Studio i'd just about lost my voice. The combination of festival dust, tiredness and a day of barking instructions took it out of me. So i hoarsley rasped my way through the following days, prodding musicians to do this and that.

Here's my photos from day 2 featuring Clare Bowditch, Two Door Cinema Club, Florence and the Machine, Jonathan Boulet, Band of Horses, Band of Skulls, Magic Numbers, Bluejuice, Tame Impala, Paul Kelly, The Drums and Midnight Juggernauts.

The first act of the day was the delightful Clare Bowditch. She also made up one of the trio of gorgeous redheads i photographed, with Ana Matronic and Florence Welch too.

Jonathan Boulet wasn't really into props, but when the idea was put to him to smash his face with glitter he was more than happy.

While i was photographing The Drums i had a strong sense that i'd photographed them before - even though i knew i hadn't. Turns out i'd snapped two of the members in their former band Elkland five years ago in Austin.

The act who i was probably most nervous about shooting at the whole festival was Florence Welch. She has the potential to make a beautiful photograph and i didn't want to stuff it up.

She was very nice, but reserved and quiet. Quite at odds with the booming presence she has on stage. Perhaps she preserves her energies for the performance.

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