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DFA Records Art Exhibition

Last night i took some photos of the launch of DFA records art exhibition at Tom Dunne Gallery in Darlinghurst for EMI.

Titled "That’s Cool But Can You Make It More Sh*t?", the show was a large collection of record sleeves, posters, doodles and polaroids from LCD Soundsystem and other DFA projects.

As it's Splendour season the calibre of international guests was pretty high with LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Alison Goldfrapp and Nick Valensi of The Strokes in attendance.

Local talent was well represented too with various members of Dappled Cities, Faker, Red Riders, Papa vs Pretty, Lost Valentinos and even a Masterchef contestant.

Sometimes these things can be pretty wanky but i encountered no jerks and everyone was quite lovely.

The show continues till August 2nd.

You can find more of my snaps at Pedestrian or Oyster or below.

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